elizabeth m. kelly
elizabeth m. kelly
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for your smile

a short film by nela wagman. wrapped principle photography september 2019.

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"It's true that Kelly stands out [in Erin Breznitsky's BODIES OF WATER] in a refreshingly complex representation of what it really means to live the life of a beautiful woman." ~ Piper Rasmussen, Theatre Is Easy

"BODIES OF WATER treads in deep water... Margot... played with Machiavellian confidence by Elizabeth M. Kelly... perfectly delineates what promotes the characters persona and drives her actions during the course of the play." ~ David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited

best. review. ever.

"Shout out to Maggie's hair, which was perfect..." ~Amy Fletcher, Juneau Empire

"[Elizabeth M.] Kelly had my full attention from her first sultry high-heeled step on stage. Kelly, who as Maggie [in Tennessee Williams' CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF]must carry nearly all the lines in the first act, did a masterful job of rapidly moving between conflicting emotions -- raw anger immediately covered over with seductive charm -- and of giving Maggie her distinctive combination of vulnerability and strength. Her Maggie isn't as brittle as others I've seen, and her sincere affection for her husband, Brick, and her belief that she can still get through to him is one of the things that holds the play together..." ~Amy Fletcher, Juneau Empire

"Elizabeth M. Kelly portrays a sly Maggie [CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF]... but Kelly also brought out the charming aspect of the character. If one does catch more flies with honey, then Kelly’s portrayal maintains the girlish air that understandably attracted Maggie’s husband, Brick, at one time. Kelly also highlighted Maggie’s sense of humor. Her indictments of the “no-neck monsters” and her parries with her sister-in-law were buoyant lifesavers..."   ~ Matt Caprioli, Ancorage Press

"Elizabeth M. Kelly's Kimber [in Lydia Diamond's STICK FLY] brings a wonderful and steady balance to the whole." ~Carol Davis, Examiner

"...[Kelly's] performance as the jilted girlfriend become crumbling mountain of self-sufficiency [as Particia in SIGHT UNSEEN] is inspired. She radiates strength, smarts and selfcontrol..."   ~ The Memphis Flyer

"[Kelly] as the jaded Trisha [FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS] gives a mature and subtle performance.  [Kelly] tries on her best Bette Davis bit and is surprisingly successful."  ~ The Memphis Flyer

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