The O'Neill

Thrilled that 'Marionettes' was chosen as a semi-finalist for The National Playwrights Conference. Thank you to all who took the time to read, advocate and support. Best of luck to all the plays that are going to this summer's conference!

Big, huge, gigantic shout-out to ALL who aided my poor little brain in the development of this piece... Ensemble Studio Theatre, Primary Stages / ESPA, Women Artists Writing / Dorset Theatre Festival, Melissa Ross, Merissa Czyz, Alfredo Narciso, Kat YenMaggie Diaz Bofill, Megan Branch, Jessica Frances Dukes, David Gelles, Charles Goforth, Johnny Wu, Tatiana Kouguell-Hoell & Daniela Hart... so, so grateful to you all...

Elizabeth M. Kelly
Pages in Process...

Dorset Theatre Festival's Women Artists Writing Group will host an open meet-up on Monday, March 26 in the studios of esteemed Primary Stages in New York City. Join us for a FREE afternoon of excerpts from our works in progress followed by a brief talkback about where we’ve been, what we’re working on, and what’s next for our Women Artist Writers.

Featuring the work of Heidi Armbruster, Mary Bacon, Carolyn Bost, Michelle Beck, Laura Gomez, Mariana Newhard, Elizabeth M. Kelly, Donna Eis, Sharahn LaRue McClung, Maggie Diaz Bofill, Heather Simms, Mathilde Dratwa, Polly Lee.

Elizabeth M. Kelly