"love drunk" new play series

hey y'all come on out and see me in a reading of Zac Kline's short play "Lucien Frued" Because who doesn't like brunch and mimosas with their short form plays? Not this lady...

Save the date! Saturday, June 28th at 11am. Come get 'Love Drunk' with me and an amazing group of artists. It's going to be a brilliant and brilliantly boozy brunchtime, chock full of theatre, photography, and mimosas! 

Six Part Productions in collaboration with Lovers and Others Strangers are pleased to announce the launch of a new theatrical event. We proudly present, for your consumption, ‘Love Drunk’!  

6 short plays, written by 3 different playwrights, read by 1000 actors*

* Okay, maybe not a thousand. Subject to availability. There will be a lot of actors. Maybe ten? How many is a lot?

This is collaboration in its best form. Each play is inspired by a unique and captivating work of photography -- you’ll see them yourself at the event. If that’s not enough to entice you, let’s up the ante. The only thing better than new plays of an appropriate length? When said plays are enjoyed with a side of breakfast and unlimited mimosas all for a suggested donation.

It’s basically just like Peter Pan, only instead of clapping to keep Tinkerbell alive, we ask you to sip on brunch cocktails. It's the first of many in what we hope will be a continuing series! Come be part of the beginning of something fun...

Elizabeth M. Kelly