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full length stage plays

I Don’t Believe in Fairies

"Hold up. I'm having an idea. It's good."

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lolita lolita

"The monsters aren’t gonna come for you just because you had a good day. Live a little..."

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"So, do you think when you look at me, if you can’t see a girl, if you can’t see a person, could you at least see something worth running back into a burning house for?"

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Kitty, Cappy, Gypsy & Snake

"This play is a complete lie, well, other than the parts that are totally true. Women. Am I right?"

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short stage plays

Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, Chicago, Tokyo, London, Barcelona

A modern morality play in which Girl must travel the world encountering: Time, Expectation / Lies / Heartache, Apathy and Deja Vu in order to just… enjoy the silence...


What does the world look like a year after the election? When Queen Alice walks through the mirror of a "new ballet" class from the looking glass world of 2016, it becomes all too clear, all too fast. Will the Red and White Queen ever see eye to eye? And it that all there is for The White Knight? Can Queen Alice take us all back through the mirror with her?

It's Only A Movie

Uh-oh! Looks like it's curtains for the Smith Sisters as they aim to set free the girls of  Motorcycle Annie's Modeling & Talent Agency, LLC and Handsome Dan, the bad, bad producer man? Or can Little Bird Blue, Violaceous and Periwinkle Pussycat Smith thwart his scheme?  And have a killer beach party? Let's watch!


Europa and Horace have lost their daughter in early 1900s Mississippi. But the police found another one. Desperate to keep their world from crumbling, they debate the unthinkable...

Persephone's Rock

When Hades fries eggs for breakfast and Hell is a trailer park, how many lives must Persephone live to stop her Sisyphean cycle, learn from her mistakes and trust her heart?

I Choose the Road

Driving back from Julie's mother's funeral, James and Julie stop in the desert to wash the car and finish a three thousand mile conversation. Swept up in a whirlwind of grief and fear, Julie must convince James to walk out into the desert forever before he can convince her to come home.

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feature length screenplays

Alice Looks in the Mirror

In the water-colored looking glass of Manhattan, can Alice, a wannabe illustrator and recent divorcee, learn to leave her fear behind and with the help (or hindrance) of some all too colorful characters:  the county clerk, her future self, a failed drag queen, manage to make it through the day? And maybe get a taco? 

*a re-telling of lewis carroll's "through the looking glass and what alice found there"


In 1930's Los Angeles a gifted medical student, working at a psychiatric hospital, becomes infatuated with his new patient's identical twin sister and finds himself caught up in the seductive world of a desperate starlet, her fiance and his father's dying legacy.  Can he go to the disturbing lengths necessary to unravel a dark family secret, save the woman he loves and keep his father's hospital doors open?

Across the Sea

In 1900 Linnea Nyquist, a twelve year old from Sweden, crosses the ocean alone and finds herself orphaned in the Appalachian Mountains of rural Georgia. Linnea must navigate her harsh, new world quickly with a mentally challenged uncle, mentally unstable adopted mother. And when an ambitious spiritualist calls into question Linnea's relationship with the beloved town preacher she is left with only one option: survive.

*loosely based on elizabeth's great-grandmother's immigration.

^Opposition Prep

Jack Spencer is a conservative journalist on the outs with his party when his editor insists he makes amends on their magazine's annual "fan" cruise. But when Jack's first choice of date sends her liberal stripper roommate instead the waters get a little too choppy for Jack.

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short films

Speaking Ill

The loss of her husband has left Clara mute in a house full of his family, old ghosts and her future self.  Can she manage to make it through the funeral, the weekend and rest of her life without telling the tale that would have her speaking ill of the dead? 


^story by paul urcioli